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Hey y’all! A review of the wonderful yoga/kinesiology workshop I went to on Saturday is a-coming.

But before that, I wanted to share my latest guest post with you.

The lovely Rachel of Suburban Yogini is taking some time out from her blog to attend a yoga conference. And so she’s lined up a series of guest posts (clever lady, that one), including one from moi!

The guest post is in an interview format, with Rachel asking the wily reporter-type questions.

You can read my interview here: My yoga story 1: (svasti)

It’s a little potted history of how I came to yoga in the first place, what life was like pre-yoga and of course, now that yoga is a huge part of my life. And some other stuff, too. But if you wanna find out the rest, head over and read the post!

And don’t forget to stick around for the rest of Rachel’s interview series and her regular yoga blogging goodness.

Namaste, sweeties!