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Chai tea with honey and banana bread

It’s still sort of how things are today, too…

After yesterday’s post, there was all kinds of spaciousness happening in my heart. A lot of room, numerous tears, a bunch of peace and a whole hoard of revealed truth staring at me kindly from my hands, eyes and every other part of my body that I looked at.

By the way, don’t you love the sweet tea cup and saucer set above? It’s actually Royal Albert china, and even though it’s not the one I wrote about here, it did belong to my grandmother. I have also inherited three other sets (all different designs) and some funky retro green glassware, too.

Last Sunday (next day after the workshop) we were all at my parents’ place to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Sweet little nieces were there too, thank goodness. They honestly make my day, running up all excited to see me and giving me lots of hugs and kisses!

For some reason, my mother is doing a massive clearance (they are pack rats!) of the room under their house. There were a few boxes of stuff that belonged to both grandmothers, and my sister and I were asked to look through it and take whatever we wanted.

It’s so weird, choosing from someone else’s things like that. Weird too, because my mother can be quite miserly at times, and then she’ll occasionally hand over all sorts of things.

I don’t get it. And I didn’t ask why. But it is interesting that we are simultaneously going through a phase of purging (possessions/emotional baggage etc). Not that accepting china and glassware is helping me with the owning less concept!

Anyhoo. Still nursing this new knowledge about myself. So cups of tea and banana cake, and swimming and long walks are all good things right now.

But when I get a job again, I’ll make it a priority to go and see Kerry and make sure all of this gets properly resolved…