Been given another couple of blog awards recently.

One was a little while ago and rudely, I haven’t acknowledged it until now. So thank you to An Invisible Girl for thinking of me with the Beautiful Blogger award. 🙂

Then, the BlissChick turned her partner Marcy’s pink boxing gloves into an award for all the WarriorChicks out there!

So this is one of my infrequent play-alongs with the whole blog awards deal.

From the Beautiful Blogger award, I’m meant to tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t already. After two years of blogging, I think I’m getting kinda close to the bottom of the barrel, since I don’t hold too much back here, but anyway…

  1. I was engaged once-upon-a-time, and I gave back my engagement ring in exchange for my ex-fiancé paying me out of the lease on our property. I really needed the money, and he wasn’t going to do it any other way. I really wish I’d never given it back!
  2. There’s a cemetery very close to my house, and whenever I walk or cycle by it, I talk to the restless spirits that live there and offer them a mantra to repeat.
  3. I’m a sucker for tall men with dark hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders. Also, a MAJOR sucker for a cute accent. If you know anyone fitting this description, please send them my way! (haha)
  4. Probably, I could survive without ever hearing music again with the EXCEPTION of kirtan – which speaks both to and from my heart.
  5. Seems I have some karma with winning minor prizes. I often score movie tickets or other small prizes like that. In fact, Tuesday night I was out enjoying one such win. A review is coming soon! But, it’d be nice to have Tattslotto winning karma instead! 😉
  6. Lately, I’ve been perfecting the art of making Perfect Poached Eggs. My favourite way to eat them is on toasted English muffins spread with light cream cheese and wholegrain mustard, with the eggs on top with a little ground black pepper. YUM!
    But the example below is with avocado and spinach:
  7. Got a little teary when my sister called the other day. She told me she is spending lots of time wishing good things for me, because she realises that since I moved back to Melbourne, life for me has really kind of sucked. Two cute nieces excepting, of course! It’s nice to find out that she’s noticed and that she cares. Verbalising such thoughts and expressions of care don’t happen too much in my family…

For the WarriorChick award, I’m meant to pass it on to some others, but then also I’d like to repeat BlissChick’s sentiment: Even if I haven’t named you, please take it for yourself and also give it to any other WarriorChicks you know!)


Judith & Nina



Catatonic Kid


Patient Anonymous

I think that most of us who blog (girls and guys) are warriors, because writing involves opening the heart. And my definition of being a warrior includes not being afraid of looking deeply into your own heart, fears, sorrows and all!

So go forth WarriorChicks, and spread the love. Let your other WarriorChick blog friends know that you think they are full of awesomeness, courage and determination. Coz that’s how I see my fellow blogging buddies!