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In case you weren’t aware, this yogini is a self-confessed #yogadork, and is also an avid reader of the always amusing/intriguing Yoga Dork blog.

Lately, this humble blogger has even fueled a couple of irreverent sassy/snarky/tongue-in-cheek YD posts (see here and here). YD is always happy to receive a tip and we just looove seeing what she makes of it.

But I’m sure all of us self-described #yogadorks have wondered about the person behind the nom de plume (*cough cough* says “Svasti”!!). At some stage via a Twitter DM I learned YD was female, but little more on the “About Yoga Dork” information front has been forthcoming, except for her love of all things yoga. But of course.

But thanks to the New York Times, we now have something of an expose: Yoga’s Serious. Except When It’s Not.

And a photo (no faces, but nice form)!

The article is something of a rave with the YD blog being described as “A kind of Gawker.com for yogis”. Nice compliment, eh?

So go say hello to Jennilyn Carson (aka Yoga Dork) over at the NYT. Get to know her a little better.

And if you’re not already reading the YD blog, then get your asana into gear chaps and chap-ettes, add her to your RSS!