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Is that badhakonasana or did you just super-glue your feet together?

I was gonna write a whole post about how people have been busy running around calling other people “unyogic”, and how I think that word is mis-used, like a slur in an underhanded dirty tricks game.

To me, calling people “unyogic” smacks of that whole Christian sense of “sin” (you unyogic sinner, you!). Someone has done wrong and you, the person in the “right” (and are any of us ever completely in the right?!), can look down your nose, point your finger with disdain and damn them to demonic netherworlds with one simple word:


Ugh! How incredibly judgey!

But really, what’s more unyogic than calling another person unyogic? And if yoga encompasses everything in life, then how exactly can something / someone be unyogic anyway?

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, the elitism and “I’m better than you” attitude that goes with it just, ummm… sucks.

Anyway, as I said, I was planning to write a post about it all, but Tami already has, over here:

Yoga Isn’t All F#*king Sunshine and Rainbows

(Don’t you just love that title?)

So enjoy reading her post. I sure as heck did! 😉

And actually, I just noticed that Y is for Yogini wrote something rather hilarious on the topic, too:

10 ways i am “unyogic” { and don’t give a #%&* }