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Once again, I’m flying through time and space like… like… well, Superwoman. Or Super-Yogi-Woman, perhaps?

So wassup?

Well, there’s things to tell you! Last minute plans to organise! Way overdue articles to finish for others! Invoices to write! Clothes to iron!

And all before a 10pm bedtime after a day that started EARLY.

First up, a confession: none of my blokey yoga classes happened. NONE OF THEM. Each Thursday afternoon there was a different excuse (we couldn’t get the numbers/the guys are away sailing/everyone’s at the snow). Either these excuses are valid, or there’s another reason. Like perhaps their commitment to a 6:15am Friday morning class isn’t as strong as they thought it might be. Or maybe (and this is the one my internal saboteur keeps insisting on) it’s that I wasn’t their (cute/blonde) regular teacher, who was very surprised to hear of the lack of class attendance. I was disappointed, and I’m waiting to find out if the blokes in charge tell her another story. Yeah…

But I’m trying to just move on from that. Because as I recently wrote, my other class at Yoga in Daily Life was FANTASTIC!

Secondly, I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting to the retreat I’m meant to be going on in October. Not unless I suddenly win some competition with a cash prize that I forgot that I entered. Or something like that. I’m sad. Actually, I’m pretty bummed about it. I’ll miss very much seeing my Guru and catching up with fifty odd-friends I haven’t seen for two years. And I really, really coulda done with being secluded and focusing on my practice for a nice long stretch of time. Really.

I’ll be okay though. I mean, there’s a tonne of yoga stuff happening next month. And it won’t be the last chance I ever have to study with my Guru and see my friends. It’s just that this was the final year of seven years worth of study. That’s right – I’ve been doing yearly retreats for six years now! This final one is gonna be EPIC, and I can’t be there. *sad face*

Anyhow… time to change up the tone here and talk about some stuff that DOESN’T bring out my *sad face*:

  • I’m very honoured that I’ve been included in a list of bloggy goodness: 101 Blogs to Help You Deal With Depression – of course, that’s quite a decent list of depression related blogs/websites, so it’s a very useful resource.
    ALTHOUGH, I was surprised that my Catatonic Kid wasn’t listed (note: she’s also writing another blog now called Treating Anxiety). And others (take a gander at my blogroll over —> there)!
    There’s plenty of others that should be there, but then that’s the way with lists, isn’t it? They always stop at a certain point, so there’s omissions by default. Anyway. Don’t forget to check the list out!
  • I’m helping friends of mine promote a very cool sounding retreat in Bali early next year. Hopefully I’ll get to go as well. More on that one soon!
  • Oh! At very short notice, I’m now teaching a yoga class tomorrow night at a laydee’s gym. And nope, I won’t be watering anything down for the gym-going crowd…
  • As such, I am currently schlepping together a class plan toute suite!!
  • Speaking of the ol’ yoga teaching thing, seems I’ve registered a business name, a domain and I’m in the process of setting up my website. Which I WON’T be publicising here, on account of the whole keeping this blog and my professional life a little seperate (the point of the whole nom de plume thang, y’know). I will be promoting my site via Facebook though. But yeah, I have a business name I LOVE, something that came out of a meditation experience.
  • Oh and after spending another two weeks gainfully unemployed, I’m now working again for the next four weeks. Nothing spectacular, just some admin job that I took because it was there. But hey, given my current hot-cold job situation, I ain’t being choosey!
  • Still looking for a more permanent job in my industry that’s interesting…


P.S. I think y’all should go and check out Suburban Yogini TV. Because she rocks. 🙂