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Emma over at The Joy of Yoga has kindly posted my yoga sequence from the class I taught on Tuesday night.

Writing sequences is a very important skill for a yoga teacher to learn, and hey, I know I’m still a beginner. But I was rather tickled by how well my very swiftly composed class plan worked out on Tuesday night!

Emma’s blog is a self-described wiki for yoga sequences and she recently mentioned she’s always looking for guest posts and so…voilà!! I am kind of nervous about sharing so publicly, but then hey, why not right?

Another cool thing about Tuesday’s class – none of the seven women I taught had even heard of pranayama before that night, and so I gave them their first dose of nadi shodhana – which is wonderfully calming after a busy day at work if the mind has been running non-stop. Here’s a little video I found on You Tube for those who might be unfamiliar with this practice…

On reflection, the class was a definite a mash-up between my Hatha and Shadow training and practice. Several ladies told me how much they enjoyed the class. One even said she thought it was refreshing not to have any surya namaskar going on (truthfully, I had thought about it but because it was only an hour long class and I wanted to include pranayama, I left that yoga class staple out for once!).

Fellow yoga teachers: If you have any comments or suggestions on how my sequence could be improved, I would love to hear your thoughts!

~Svasti xo