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  • Here is some lavender for you. I don’t tend to it at all but it’s right outside my lounge room window and it’s pretty and purple. Something I very much associate with Spring!
  • My broadband modem finally died some time on Friday. It’d given me many years of service, and so I felt no guilt in upgrading to a brand-spanky new wireless modem. FREEDOM TO MOVE ABOUT THE APARTMENT WITH MY LAPTOP, W00t!!
  • I felt very naked without my broadband service.
  • As a result of this temporary internet nudity (not the dirty kind though), I’ve been a little out of touch and have many un-replied to emails to respond to. I’m getting there!
  • I’ve also been a little neglectful of commenting on my favourite blogs, too, because it aint as easy with my iPhone and I’m lazy like that…
  • Went to a FABULOUS yoga workshop in Saturday that a friend of mine was running. It was so awesome, and there will be a post about it soon! In fact, it’ll be all about my entire Saturday which was a complete anathema to the preceding days. 🙂
  • Also, looks like I might have a job! Not entirely sure it’s one I want, but then it’s one I will like and can do and the money is okay etc. More on that another time.
  • Am about to jump on my bike to go and meet the wonderful Sevapuri (@yidl) and his wife, who are in town right now. We’re eating vego-style at Lentil as Anything. In about 15 minutes…

Later, beautiful people!