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Have you seen it?

I’m looking for a piece of that damn jigsaw puzzle but do you think I could find it to save my own ass? No. Apparently, I can not. And hey, I know it’s all meant to be right here under my nose, but perhaps it’s stapled to the inside of my left nostril? [note to self: check left nostril]

That’s why I’m so quiet right now. I’ve kinda gone to ground because it feels safest that way. Mostly.

Anyhow. I’d just like my life to stop testing me every other three steps, if you don’t mind. Coz I THINK I’m sure what I need to do for myself, but somehow, those ass-biters just won’t quit.

Regardless, I’m not giving up but I just feel like I’m walking on slightly the wrong line, y’know? Am I parallel to where I’m meant to be? At right angles? Diagonal? Or, just completely in the wrong version of the universe all together?

If you’ve got any clues at all, please feel free to send ’em this way…

Coz I’m utterly baffled with a side dish of bamboozled confusion.

And now I’ve gotta get ready for a weird party. But then, what other sort of party would I get invited to, huh?