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System crash...

And how!

Turns out my house guest is a citizen of Annoy, Demand and Complain-land, and one of its less tidy citizens at that.

She was here for a yoga workshop and the studio is right around the corner from my place so I thought I’d offer my place. Sure, it’s only a sofa bed in the lounge but hey, it’s better than staying at a motel, right? And I thought…fellow yoga student, she can’t be too bad, right?

Bzzzzzztttttttt! WRONG!

Had to evict her butt yesterday: ask her to find somewhere else to stay in order to preserve my own sanity. Yes, it really was that bad. I can not ever imagine being a guest in someone’s home and behaving so poorly!

It was all complain, moan, gossip, melodrama, make demands, laying down of ‘parameters’ (her word not mine), weird eating habits, leave rubbish lying around, borrowing stuff without asking and not living up to the agreement we’d made.

Her presence in my home has been overwhelming. I’ve learned that I’m still not so hot at standing up for myself, not in the moment anyway…

All of this has kept me from doing much writing and then last night after cleaning up her mess (yes, she left a MESS behind) and burning a lot of incense… my laptop stopped working!! Gah!!

Spoke to a tech dude today and it looks like I have to do a system recovery. But before I do that, I have to back up my hard drive which requires going to a computer repair store… Okay, this so isn’t funny!

Geez, try to do someone a favour out of the goodness of your heart and apparently what you get is bad juju.

Time for an exorcism methinks! And some urgent laptop repairs.

So… the lack of posts is unintentional. I still mean to write that post about why it’s all good when your life falls apart. And I’ve also got something drafted in my head about basic sanity and the importance of critical thinking…

**BUT WAIT** In a burst of brilliance seems  that on getting home tonight, I worked out how to fix my laptop. Yayayayay!!! And so… I’m back in business (phew). Seems that exorcism was totally successful. 😀

~Svasti (from my iPhone)