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Okay so every time I think I’m ready to write specific posts, others just come right along and elbow their way in. Freakin’ queue jumpers! Then, occasionally others morph into somewhat different posts, while keeping their original intent. Sort of.

You’ll have to excuse me right now as my pitta zings off the charts and once again I find myself lumped with an ear infection. Not a terrifically soggy and gooey one like the famed Double Whammy Right And Left Side Ear Infections of 2008 but nonetheless. Painful in it’s own glorious way – like a searing hot poker shoved deep inside my ear cavity, as if there’s a wee bonfire convention going on in there. Not to mention the ridiculous lack of energy (sleep? Right now I could sleep for Snow White!) accompanying this bout of joy.

So yeah, Imma little cranky and somewhat loopy. But nevermind, I wanna write something I’ve been meaning to for a while now. This post is both a queue jumper and a long-sufferingly patient work in progress that’s morphed into something else. Sort of.

And it’s about tablespoons and enchiladas.

I mean, we both know they’re quite different, right? A tablespoon holds… a tablespoon’s worth of stuff. An enchilada, as we know, especially if it’s the whole enchilada… holds a great deal more. Right?

What I’m suggesting is that it’s incredibly easy to confuse a tablespoon with an entire enchilada and not even realise that you’re doing it. Because we all do it, even if we don’t mean to. It’s just kinda how things go, until we learn to recognise the qualities of tablespoons and enchiladas.

Generally, it doesn’t matter. Unless it does. Until someone thinks they’re really talking about the whole enchilada when really, they’ve only ever seen the tablespoon. Know what I mean?

No? Okay… well an oft-quoted yoga blogger I know wrote something about it:

Assuming that you know me from reading my blog is a bit like assuming you know Jaimal Yogis or Elizabeth Gilbert because you have read their books, in which they reveal aspects of their internal lives.

Also, another yogi blogger’s recent post is a perfect illustration of how actually, you’re looking at the tablespoon. And even if you get to look at the tablespoon from another angle, it’s still a tablespoon.

So, what’s the tablespoon if it’s not the whole enchilada? Why, it’s an implement to access the goodies contained in said enchilada. Thing is, you can only ever fit so much enchilada onto your spoon at the one time, eh?

Even if the stuff that’s ladled on to the tablespoon is like, super juicy and intense, it’s still only a tablespoonful.

Have I used up all the mileage on this analogy yet?

Whatever. Not so recently but then again not too long ago, someone really thought they were getting the whole enchilada but they were sadly mistaken. What’s worse is that they never, ever took pause to realise they were reacting to the tablespoon and not the enchilada. They didn’t once question themselves, what they thought they were getting or seeing. Which is kinda sad, and a sure-fire way to make sure you’ll never ever get a proper glimpse of said enchilada…

And what I really want to confess to y’all is this:

Right here on my blog you get regular tablespoonfuls of enchilada. But at no time, not ever, do you get the whole thing. Not here. I’d suggest that even IRL (in real life), those enchiladas we think we’re getting 100% of might still be just tablespoon-sized helpings, if perhaps more of them and more often. But still, not 100%.

Really, who ever truly gets to understand their own enchilada entirely, let alone another person’s?

Even though I love to share and perhaps have a bit of a deep-seated need to describe the enchilada in painful details… it’s still never the whole thing. You know?

So, people. Be cool. Recognise that at any time, you’re never being served up the whole enchilada. It should make life easier for you and everyone else you deal with, yeah?

And now it’s time to rest, write up a class plan for tomorrow night (oh yeah, I’ve got a mini teaching gig until the end of November. Also, possibly more teaching lined up for next year!), and uhhh, take both my antibiotics and acidophilus tablets.

Hope everyone is having a better Monday than me!


P.S. It should be noted that I’m a huge fan of enchiladas, and in fact really, really enjoy them with chicken and mole sauce from certain fabulous Mexican restaurants in Melbourne. And, even when I eat whole enchiladas, I get that in fact, it’s never really the whole enchilada. Or something like that! 😉