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Just after 6pm this evening in the post-work CBD chaos (reeking of desperation and celebration), this was to my right, part of Melbourne’s town hall…

And this was in front of me…

As I waited for the Chick From The Desert (aka Anthroyogini)…

Then, like a tiny yet furious hurricane she arrived with fierce hugs and oh…maybe a tiny little tear at the corners of her eyes (it was pretty awesome to meet after “knowing” each other by blog only for so long!).

Although she was in town for a short but intense visit only, and we had just a few hours to get acquainted in the flesh!

So I took her to Spicy Fish in Chinatown for a glorious dinner. Then, for something completely different for a girl from the outback, the Gin Palace (they’d apparently do well to open a similar bar up her way!).

A vodka martini for me, a margarita for her. And endless chatter. Oddly, we didn’t really talk about the blog world that much. But Amanda is indeed, a kindred spirit.

I left her at Collins St with more hugs and promises of more time, some time soon. Both visits to The Alice and more here in Melbourne.

And yayayayayay!! Because… I do believe I’ve identified another member of my tribe (I think they’re all spread quite far and wide)!