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Some of Sweet Mango's art

So many things are making me cry today. Like this story of animal cruelty.

And Sweet Mango’s current situation.

I read a lot of blogs, many of which I comment on. But there’s plenty I read that I enjoy and don’t interact with. Don’t ask me why: it just is how it is.

One of the ones I read but don’t often comment on is Sweet Mango. She’s a wonderful artist and poet. Her musings are always intuitive and beautiful.

But right now she needs your help. Actually, she needs a miracle.

Her beloved partner was in a car accident yesterday and he’s in a very serious condition in hospital. He might not make it. To complicate things, her partner’s father is now in hospital too.

Hold them in your prayers, thoughts and good wishes. And ask the universe for a miracle for these people.

And send them your love. Lots of love.

~Svasti xxx