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Y’know, I really should’ve done this when I first started my blog: I’ve now created a separate Svasti account on Twitter – feel free to connect with me there. I’ve already started following people I know via this blog but don’t be shy!

I suppose I didn’t really think about the cross-over between my nom de-plume and my real life, and those people on Twitter who know me from my real life (including work colleagues).

For my day job, I work in the digital media industry – and everyone’s on Twitter! Thing is, I don’t really want my very personal blog crossing paths with my professional life. Not at this point in time anyway.

By the time I did think about this little conflict of interests, I kinda figured it was all a bit too late! And I’ve just avoided using Twitter to talk about this blog.

But I’ve now created a separate Twitter account so I can feel comfortable tweeting about what I’m writing. And this is especially the case because I’ve just signed up (albeit a few days late) to #reverb10.

All of this is part of my plan to start getting a bit braver and louder about my writing. As is #reverb10, which is a daily writing challenge for the month of December, and provides writing prompts to help writers reflect on this year and the one ahead.

So this month, you may notice a bit of a ramp up from me in terms of post numbers. But I promise I’ll try to keep my #reverb10 posts short, and there’ll be other stuff in between.

Also… there’ll be another post before the end of today, to wrap up this one.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

~Svasti xo

(Who is terribly behind on her Christmas shopping)