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A wee present with ever-changing coloured lights. It lives on my desk at work.

Say WHOAH… this chick’s been picked for a nod! How marvelous!

The wonderful Roseanne of it’s all yoga, baby fame has made her list (I assume she checked it twice) of the top 15 yoga blog posts of 2010 and this post of mine made the cut!

Interestingly, it’s one of my rantier expositions. The kind that polarises people (“she’s so mean!!” vs “I totally agree with you”), and it was most definitely written in the heat of some intensely righteous indignation. Hehehe! 😉

Have to say, I still stand by what I wrote. Sure, I perhaps might’ve used slightly less biting language but for better or worse, I’m one of those yogis who doesn’t want to see yoga degraded into a homogenous soup of “alternative entertainment”: I go to the gym, the movies and my yoga classes. And I get my STRETCH on in my yoga classes!

Also, I’m one of Kali’s own and can be quite the fiery little spitball when my ire is raised, which is actually pretty difficult to do – mostly I’m calm and friendly and stuff. Really! Ask people who’ve met me.

That said, perhaps we should all take a moment at the end of the year to read what Mother Teresa has to say on forgiveness. Might try some of that on… both forgiving myself and others, too. Life’s too short, right?

Anyway… here’s to continuing the good fight and those yoga teachers who teach that yoga is more than just a way to “build muscle” or melt their “bra fat”. I’m with them! Wait… these days I’m actually ONE OF THEM! 😉

And thanks to Roseanne for putting together such a FABULOUS list of posts. As some of the commenters mentioned, if you’re into yoga and not already reading it’s all yoga, baby then you should because Roseanne’s a fantastic writer. ‘Nuff said!

~Svasti xo