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Holy Shiva! Can I hear a w00t w00t??

Somehow this very lucky yogini is the winner of Y is for Yogini’s mala give-away.

Check. It. Out!

Stunning, isn’t it? For those who aren’t aware, the beads are rudraksha seeds (they grow on a tree like that!) and this is a very traditional seed to use for a mala. They are specifically associated with Shiva, the head honcho dude of the Hindu pantheon. And the two stones at the end are coffee jasper poppy jasper – which I don’t know much about, but it all sounds good!

It’s made by Tiny Devotions – they create marvellous works of beauty over there!! I’m so excited about this I could jump into a headstand right here at work!

Thank you YIFY and TD, I’m super-thrilled. You can be sure it’ll be highly treasured, and get lots of wear and mantra repetition (can I hear an Om Namah Shivaya anyone?). And I’ll let you know when it arrives. 😀