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Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?
~ December 22 prompt

I’d like to say I traveled well…

The road wasn’t always smooth or well planned

There were hidden curves

The occasional mountain to scale

But also, beauteous fields of gardens in the Realm of Skipping For Joy

Deep, wooded forests and babbling brooks in the Land of Contemplation

Many miles traversing the lands of the Empire of Healing

(There I honed my strengths and darned the loose ends of my heart)

I visited places by plane, on a train, on foot, by bus, bike and car

Some were nearby while others were… not

Much time was spent travelling the Path of the Novice

There were places I didn’t go when I really wish I had

Others that could only be visited on a mat or cushion

Inner or outer travels, it matters not

The Principality of Truth governs them all

And is my compass, my inspiration and my goal


As I’ve traveled before

So I’ll travel again

Revisiting places I’ve already been

But seeing them afresh no less

A new story

A wider view

While the pathways aren’t always clear

I’m always checking back into Truth

An embassy everywhere I go

Another passport stamp

Of my pilgrimages

Perhaps I’ll get on a plane or two

Fly away for a while

But always returning

Traveling ever inward

Ever home