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New Name. Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?
~ December 23 prompt

My name, you say? Not quite sure any more.

Used to think I was just the Me I see

In my reflection.

Later, I learned mediation and began to understand.

Fleshly borders don’t define Who I Am.

Activities, likes and dislikes, clothes, a job

Don’t make the measure of this Self.

There was a night and a day

Where I swore I was Shiva!

It’s not that I’m wrong,

But here in this place

I’m both less and more than I seem.


So look in my eyes, tell me what you see.

Coz these days if you ask

I’m likely to introduce myself like this:

I am a lotus: feet buried in the earth and skyward blooming!

I am the sky: multi-hued and changeable!

I am the wind: gentle caresses and wildness combined!

I am the ocean: sometimes darkly brooding, others shining like diamonds!

I am a bird! An ant! A winding mountain path!

I’m an ancient tome of wisdom! A lollipop! A mouse!

I am shadows, I am darkness, I’m in your nightmares too.

But I’m also a gypsy warrior queen, with hugs and love for all.

I’m the heart of the world and words in your heart.

I’m the spark in your eye when you’re looking fine (and you know it).

I am everything you never wanted to be.

I’m ugly, I’m bold and madly courageous.

I am lessons, I am memories, I’m your cup of tea.

Yes, I’m all that and so very much more.


But mostly

Who I Am

Is Don’t Know

Not Knowing

Open-Hearted Service

Cavernous Space

Compassionate Instincts



Home baked banana bread

And Hilarious Giggles.


So tell me again what you see,

And label me that which mirrors your vision,

Because that I am too.

And so my dearest, are you.



“Vincent” the question mark butterfly

“Vincent” the question mark butterfly from http://www.projectinsect.com/gallery/Vincent.htm