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Sometimes healing is not like anything else. There’s no simile, no analogy, no poetic prose or otherwise words or actions to express those shifts occurring, wherever it is they occur.

Do they happen in the body somewhere? Do they really? I wonder about such things on occasion because it feels like this puny bag of skin, blood and bones is too minor to hold all of that. Perhaps like a radio, we receive the signal but don’t originate it? Perhaps…

I’m really trying to tell you something right now, but the words aren’t there. I could make something up that in some way, might offer the palest of reflections but it wouldn’t really be it – the what’s going on – if you know what I mean.

What I can tell you is this. Seems (according to my body anyway) I’m in a hurry to resolve a whole BUNCH of stuff. Lots. And preferably all of it right now, thank you very much. So much so that I’m making both conscious and sub/unconscious decisions that lead me right up to the very edge of the pit of Stuff To Be Dealt With.

Lots of stuff. Heck, ALL my stuff!

Okay, here’s one: it tastes a bit like fairy floss: sweet; gone almost before you register the flavour; mythical and more-ish. Can you ever really describe what it tastes like or how it feels in your mouth as it melts into nowhere?

This week I’ve lined up a bumper crop of activities. A five mornings in a row workshop on the cultivation of uddiyana bandha, kinesiology and acupuncture. All working on the Stuff (not that I knew it until a couple of hours ago, when I chuckle-snorted my way into acknowledgement).

And so while I might look all calm and chilled to the untrained eye, what’s really going on is this: quivery, shimmery shakiness; re-routing; deconstruction of wastelands; gentle encouragement; deep diving; much stillness; and connecting all the friggin’ dots.

What all of that adds up to is Healing. And getting Super-Duper Unstuck. Well, a bit more anyway!

Preparing the way for that bright, shiny new Future I’ve been talking about lately. The one where I have a plan.

Can’t stay long here, not even to edit so please excuse any roughness to this post. It’s 9.30pm and I’ve gotta get my ass into bed so I can cheerfully arise at 5am. For yoga, bliss and love.

~Svasti xoxo (coming to you with big hugs and kisses from some outpost galaxy where stuff just fucking unfolds entirely magically and literally)

P.S. ENORMOUS ups to Kerry, the magical kinesiology chick!