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I’m soooo not writing a post about the latest blow-up in the yoga blogosphere.

Instead, please enjoy a snippet of the wonderful Mark Whitwell talking about yoga in a completely different way.

Let’s get more newsworthy yoga stories out there into circulation, yes? Why should the biggest stories about yoga always be so divisive?

Perhaps in Mark’s little speech it is possible to find points for both sides (wait, are there only two sides or many more?). Or not. I guess our individual interpretation is what creates our so-called differences, yeah?

And wow, I didn’t realise this but apparently Mr. Whitwell has his own celebriyoga endorsement by one of the original celebriyogis – Christy Turlington (not that you’ll find that in the bio on his website). She’s quoted as saying:

Whitwell’s teaching yoga as it should be taught – with purity and straight from the heart.

Right on, sister!

Actually, there’s a few more interview snippets of Mark being interviewed over at the Omega Institute website (they all flow one after the other). Have a listen, if you feel like taking a break from the latest storm in a trikonasana.

Also, in a few days there’s going to be a live-streaming interview with Mark and Melissa Forbes (another student of Desikachar): The misunderstood aspects of yoga.

You can listen live, or get the podcast later. You can even submit questions before it starts. I reckon it’s gonna be very useful food for thought!

Big hugs to everyone, even those I passionately disagree with.  Hari Om!!