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Yoga Dawg's really, really advanced yoga teacher training!

Sometimes I find that I am unintentionally hilarious. It’s almost like I trip over my own sense of humour before I realise just how many LOLs I’ve generated. I know, right?

And it seems I’ve assumed the role of Muse for the one and only, incredibly famous and outrageously enlightened, dude of the sick arm-balances, Master of Yoga Himself:


Yoga Dawg!!

… ~ …

Did you nearly faint right about then? Don’t worry, I did too! There aren’t too many low-level yoga teachers like myself who can claim to have inspired such a Master. And I’m thrilled – what an honour!

Don’t worry, this is going on my yoga teaching resume FOR SURE!

(Please note that Yoga Dawg and myself are NOT affiliated in any way: we don’t have the same yoga management team and no, I didn’t have to sleep with him to become his Muse. Well, not yet, anyway…)

So without further ado, I think y’all should head over to the Dawg’s blog to read all about the latest trend in yoga teacher training. It’s hot! Hope you’re saving your pennies because you won’t want to miss this one!

Namaste, good people! 😀