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  • Seriously, who do I think I am? I haven’t quite been teaching yoga for a whole year yet – so I really need to stay focused on the basics. Those who want a more experienced teacher will go to another class.
  • As student numbers in my classes go up and down, I wonder if I might’ve personally done something to annoy someone and make them not want to come back.
  • I also wonder why those who are repeat students do return. Is it just a convenient time or do they like the way I teach? Or something else? [shaddup, ego!]
  • Sometimes I feel like asking my students to complete anonymous feedback forms, because it’s almost impossible to know what they are really thinking otherwise. Unless they tell you directly. Which they mostly don’t.
  • Speaking of feedback, read this – it’s good.
  • I upped the laughter quotient in my class last night as a result of reading that, but also because two new students started giggling uncontrollably at one point and I joined in. And kept it going. 😉
  • There’s no such thing as going through the motions. Well, not if I want my class to feel alive and authentic. This goes for preparation as well as the actual class.
  • When I encounter students that I perceive as more “difficult” than others, I’m the one that has to stop reacting (no need to be an asshole) and just spread the love and the laughter.
  • Last night I *might* have not-on-purposely added a lil heart chakra meditation to the end of the class after a student told me that he liked it that my classes didn’t have too much “spiritual direction” (his words). But actually, I was thinking of Japan and of getting everyone to open their hearts a little more. Whoops!
  • Switching from teaching a yoga class to being a student in a meditation class directly afterwards is… tricky. Mind is busy in teacher-mode, thinking about the class and students and isn’t so easy to shush. Have to listen very carefully to the teacher and to the advice I give my own students!
  • I didn’t get to post this until Wednesday morning, instead of Tuesday. But for a whole bunch of people it still is Tuesday, so I’m good with that…