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My new baby niece 🙂

I’m a proud and loving Auntie. I adore my nieces and their ability to inspire my love for them by the mere fact of being alive.

And this one, like the two before her… I’ve loved her since before today (when she came into this world). Then she arrives, looking all adorable and agreeable and that pre-fabricated love gets an infusion that makes it permanent.

Life is still shifting for me in other ways. Always is, I guess. But in that tectonic plate movement kind of way, not just the oh, I grew a new eyelash yesterday…

Got some more blood tests done this morning (pre-arrival of new niece) and maybe by this time next week I’ll have some more answers. Ones that’ll lead to figuring out exactly how to get my body working properly again. Right now, we’re still only on the first step in Munchkinland on the way to the merry old land of Oz.

I’m just putting one foot in front of the other because that’s the only way to get anywhere, right?

But there’s so much more than that too, because other things are starting to click-clack into place. Stuff I didn’t know that I didn’t even know. Now that I do? It all makes sense.

Then there’s this wild and simple little children’s story kicking around the various attics of my mind, begging to be written. I simply MUST find some time for myself to write some more of it before things get too rowdy upstairs!

Those stories are so ready to come out that I found myself giving Kerry a two second synopsis at our appointment the other night. Of course with those appointments, we’ve been busily shifting a LOT of stuff. Including loosening up the ties that have held my creativity down. And so… BLURT. 😉

But to tease: my book has a name, a rough storyline and several characters already halfway grown (noses pressed up against the window, waiting to catch my attention).

Finally, other future plans are beginning to feel a little more real and possible and likely to happen in the sooner rather than later timezone. Which makes the corners of my mouth turn up in a secret, barely visible smile.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got a long way to go (baby…) (SQUEE!). But now I’m sure I’m on the right track whereas before, I most definitely wasn’t. Yay me.

Please feel free to send your blessings and prayers for a happy and inspiring life to my brand new niece. She’s the cutie-pie at the top of the post…