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I know that my last post upset a few people: some folks found it intense and a bit worrying. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: all that I am is NOT contained in this blog.

Writing for me is a creative outlet but sometimes it’s also therapy. Sometimes it’s both. Importantly, I write about moments in time. They might be short or long, but they don’t last forever. It really does help me to write this stuff down and sometimes the act of writing and publishing can be enough to start a shift.

For example, how I was feeling last weekend and earlier this week is not my general mood at all. Heck, part of it could be coming from my current state of health (depression and anxiety are symptoms believe it or not), and it could also be partly to do with the new moon eclipse that happened last Friday.

Basically, LOTS of things can contribute to making a person feel like the world is collapsing around them. But my posts are never a cry for help, or a request for strangers with their Christian beliefs to give me “advice” (that *actually* happened btw).

Assuming that you know me or know what I’m thinking or feeling because I choose to publish something that’s intense and personal… well that’s just silly.

More than one reader of this blog has remarked that I’m very brave for publishing the things I do. I don’t see it that way. For me, it’s simply about self-expression and sometimes, releasing a pressure valve.

Anyway, you can come to this blog and make lots of assumptions based on reading a handful of posts. Or if you’re dedicated, you can read every post I’ve ever written and think you know who I am.

But you’d be way off the mark.

Just sayin’, y’all.

Btw, I’ve been very strict in making sure I get to all of my yoga classes this week, as well as teaching my usual Tuesday night class. Teaching is so helpful because I have to get out of my own head, think of others and create a beautiful and loving space for my students. So I’m doing well.

While moving forward always, sometimes I take a detour in one direction or another. When the pendulum of that detour swings one way too widely, things can get a lil crazy.

If you can’t relate to that, and/or if you think that life is one big ball of love, light and happiness all the time…well then, perhaps I’m not the only one getting a bit crazy.