I know, I know… it’s been AGES. I’ve been slack. I’ve been busy. I’ve been… well, not attached to my computer so much.

Anyway, I finally drew the winner for my give-away tonight. So exciting!

I got a little carried away and made a very dodgy video to show you the drawing. Just to keep things legit and all.

To add to the fun, you also get to hear my voice as well as observe my rather unprofessional iPhone video camera skills. Even though I now own an actual video camera, I haven’t had time to learn to use it yet. So the iPhone video it was.

Final bonus: there’s a special guest star cameo from Miss Cleo the Cat.

Without further ado…

(Note: the still showing is a bit of a red herring!)

Hooray and CONGRATS!!

Wanna know who won? Well, you have to watch the video to find out! 😉

I’ll be in touch with the winner to get a postal address soon. I really, really hope you enjoy Nadine’s yogAttitude cards. They’re so much fun.