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So folks, here we are! Week 2 of this quittin’ sugar detox and so far, so good.

This is actually pretty amazing because right now with the whole job situation STILL not panning out, it’s a battle to keep my stress levels under control.

And stress = feeling crappy = sugar cravings!

The job sitch

I had an interview last week and about halfway through I was pretty certain this was not a job I wanted. Given that (for now) tomorrow is my last day of actual paid-with-a-regular-pay-cheque-type employment, I was amazed that I was able to admit this to myself instead of just going for the job anyway, misgivings and all.

Which is what I would’ve done once upon a time.

But I stuck to speaking truth, and I was very clear that in no way would it be a suitable job if I wanted to retain my health.

There’ve been a couple of other interviews, but so far nothing concrete. This is the third time in as many years that I’ve been in this situation. I sure wish I knew what I’m meant to be learning from it all!

My unemployment is no longer just a potential situation. It’s happening as of COB tomorrow.

(More on what I’m doing about all of this in my next post)

Recapping week 1, sugar-free

Getting through week 1 was kind of a breeze, as all new efforts are. In the beginning when you’re committed to them, that is. Before the battle of old vs new habits really kicks in.

As I mentioned, I’d already been cutting back on sugar before I started my detox. Like, for months I ate a gluten-free cereal for breakfast that was choc-full of dried fruits. That’s some serious sugar, people! But it’s been out of my life for a couple of months now.

You see, one of the things I’ve noticed with this whole thyroid/autoimmune thing is that my body is much more sensitive to sugar than it used to be. Gone are the days when I’d devour any chocolate in my path. I simply can’t handle it anymore (thank goodness!).

So last week was about just cutting out the really obvious stuff. The low-hanging fruit, so to speak (pun intended).

For example: The odd square or two of 80% cocoa dark chocolate I’d have some days. Or an occasional hot chocolate or chai tea with honey.

However, I did trip up inadvertently a couple of times. Like ordering chai at a cafe and drinking it before figuring out that they’d stirred some agave into the pot. Doh!

Going off all fruit is a bit of a challenge. I like to inhale the odd punnet of blueberries or strawberries in lieu of anything more evil (e.g. ice-cream, chocolate). But for now, fruit has to go.

Things I’m still eating: small amounts of gluten-free bread (breakfast is usually boiled eggs or avocado on toast), and some rice. Grains, in case you weren’t aware, are complex carbohydrates that break down into sugar within the body.

My “easy-does-it”, less than hard core approach means that I haven’t taken those foods out yet. That said, I don’t eat huge amounts of bread or rice, either. For now, they’re staying put.

To date, I’ve noticed a couple of potential effects but as I mentioned to a friend of mine… I’m not sure if they have anything to do with quitting sugar or not. I could be making this up entirely!

Things like: being more aware of my appetite; my appetite seemingly spiking less intensely than usual; and, the 3pm “crash” most people experience also seems to be less extreme.

Other things

As well as cutting my sugar intake, I’ve also been reducing the number of times a week I eat out/buy take-away. It’s something that got out of control when I developed PTSD because I simply didn’t care enough to cook for myself.

Speaking of cooking – something else I’ve been reminded of lately is that handling and preparing your own food helps to sate hunger almost as much as eating it.

Oh, and also? Bought a new seed and bean sprouter so I can add living sprouted foods to my meals.

From top to bottom: adzuki beans, lentils, mung beans

The sprouter is apparently made of eco-friendly acrylic glass.

This week I’m growing mung beans, adzuki beans and lentil sprouts. 🙂

Week 2…

So far, week 2 has kicked off just fine as well. But I shouldn’t speak too soon, I imagine.

My monthly cycle usually brings all kinds of sugar and fried food cravings. I’m positive that’s gonna be another experience entirely. (Yikes!)

Wanna be my sugar-free buddy?

My friend Kate (no added sugar required for all of her sweetness) has already joined me, even if she is on the other side of the planet. So glad to have some company on this wee adventure, thanks Kitty!

But the more the merrier. Give me a shout if you’d like to join in the fun!