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Clearly, I’m being mocked by the Universe. On the same day my contract ends, I’m also given an exquisite box of chocolates I can’t eat!

Guess I forgot to mention to the folks at work that I’m in the process of quitting sugar.

People, I can’t tell you HOW GOOD this box o’ sugar smells! And yet… I find myself somehow able to resist them. I think!

Of course, there’s a little voice attempting to convince me that: just one won’t hurt.

OMG BRAIN!! Are you trying to screw with me?

We all know I wouldn’t just have one, I’d eat the whole damn box and feel sick afterwards.

You see, my thing with chocolate has always been a bit feast or famine. As in, it’s in the house and I eat it til its all gone or I Just Don’t Have Any At All.


Very pretty box and delightful looking choccies (yes, I peeked) *bows head*

So I’m guessing I’ll give them away to one lucky friend…