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What happens when a seven yoginis gather ’round a table of food and bubbles for lunch on a steamy hot December afternoon? Why, lots of eating, talking (about everything under the sun), and yoga (but of course).

Who says lunch is over in a couple of hours? Roughly 7 x 60 minutes flew by as a host of angelic yoginis gathered, thanks to the (henceforth dubbed) Divine Ms N.

One of the many topics we discussed was that of moderation and not being too rigid in thoughts or actions. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to have small amounts of champagne and a slice or two of this…

Nadine's pavlova

Because eating sugar is now the exception rather than the rule in my life.

My body feels better for not having it all the time. I’m losing weight without trying and I no longer feel enslaved by it. I’ve only had one menstrual cycle since I started this detox but it was a lot less grief than usual – which might be to do with giving up sugar or it might not.

The cool thing is that even though I ate some sugar, I didn’t find myself immediately craving more afterwards. A small taste was enough. I no longer have an internal debate with myself about walking past the chocolate aisle in the supermarket, either. That said, I refuse to be a pain in the ass about it when socialising. For example, at a yogini Xmas party. An occasional a piece of pav is not going to kill me as long as it’s the exception.

But back to the part-ay!

Nadine put on a fantastic lunch spread and brought some of the many yoginis working for her together for a chat. Interspersed through our seemingly endless conversation were many references to yoga.

And then. The post-lunch, post-pavlova, yoga styles comparison and demonstrations. Not a piece of lycra in sight, there was yoga in (fabulous) frocks, skirts and jeans, and lots of hands on bodies as we discussed this and that way of using core strength, for example.

It was just as delicious as lunch!

It was also inspiring, invigorating and joyful. It only takes one gathering of yoga teachers to remember how seldom we get to do just that. We have so much to learn from each other and the conversation just pours out in a gush!

Thanks Nadine (aka Divine Ms N), for throwing such a fabbo party and gathering an array and marvelous women together.

Thanks should also go to Nadine’s partner who good naturedly put up with a minor hoarde of girls taking over his house! Haha.