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In my happy-happy-joy-joy SQUEE about Saturday’s yogini Xmas party, there were some important reflections I didn’t get around to sharing.

Such as the wholehearted agreement that less-than-perfect yoga teachers are probably better for students (kick down those pedestals!) because then students get to see how well yoga works to heal the body and mind. None of the wonderful ladies at Nadine’s lunch would claim to be perfect, and that’s a good thing. For us and for our students.

Secondly, the importance of something my Guru drummed into my mind is this: For whom and when

In our excited post-lunch earnest group yoga discussion/demo, it became very, very clear that there’s no point at all in attempting to assess the rights and wrongs of alignment and body positions based on appearances only.

Gone are the days when I’d quietly sniff at another yoga teacher’s instructions, or judge another’s postures. Actually, I’m not sure I ever did either of these things terribly often, but the “that’s not right” commentary was tucked away in there somewhere. Uh huh.

Saturday definitively proved that even amongst a group of yoga teachers, each with their very own body type and physical limitations (or not), there is no one perfect alignment, or one perfect textbook yoga pose.

Everybody’s body moves differently, depending on injury and/or structural/functional differences. No teacher can insist that everyone attempt to be a carbon copy of their own poses (not that I ever did) because no two bodies are alike!

Tis such an important piece of information, and it was completely reinforced at a rockin’ yogini party. 🙂

Then there’s this other thing…

Where I feel… rivulets of change. Differences. New pathways being forged in and around the structure known as my life. Openings. Changes. Differences.

It’s a release. Like a river that seeks a new way down the mountain and inadvertently creates a brand new stream. Connected to the source, but pioneering new directions.

All of the work I’ve been doing this year is coming to a head. I can feel it. What does that mean? I’ve no idea!

At the end of this week I’m doing something that’s both exhilarating and somewhat frightening. So I’m zig-zagging between excitement and terror, knowing that I’m stepping forward in a way I haven’t ever done before.

Which is why I’m quite terrified.

And happy.

And exhilarated.

Stay tuned, lovely people.