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[Note: this is a scheduled post]

Right about now, I’m (hopefully) on a jet plane. Flying off to Bali for the holiday I planned and paid for before I found myself jobless.

But then a few weeks later I found another job, and now I’m about to spend five days and five nights in the beautiful and traditional Hindu yoga mecca of Ubud.

Why now, I hear you ask?

In four days I’ll reach the milestone of my 40th birthday, and this little trip is a present from myself, to myself.

It’s all about the self-love, people.

This will be my second trip to the magical paradise of Bali. I’m so glad to be returning!

If you’ve never been, you should read Nadine’s 10 Things We Can All Learn From Bali. And don’t go to Kuta or Sanur. Base yourself in Ubud.

Y’know, in all of my previous travels both within Australia and overseas, I’ve always been doing something. Travelling with or meeting other people at my destination; attending yoga retreats; going skiing or doing touristy things. There’ve always been plans and while I’ve travelled by myself before, other people have always been involved.

This time it’s just for me.

My plans such as they are, are pretty simple: yoga, meditation, daily (super-cheap) massages, great food, writing, and perhaps a little exploring. I figure that if I had a partner, they’d be spoiling me rotten! But since it’s just me, I’m responsible for all treats and pampering.

Which is cool when you think about it, because I know EXACTLY what I like. How kind of me! It’s like I read my own mind. Hehehe.

Of course, I’m hoping that the PR blitzkrieg of Eat, Pray, Love hasn’t totally ruined Ubud since I was last there. I steered well away from any accommodation that referred to the book in their marketing! Fingers crossed I’m not perceived as just another stereotypical single female hoping to find romance in tropical paradise, huh? 😉

Anyhow. There will be a few pre-scheduled posts appearing here while I’m away. But I might be inspired to write a few “live from Ubud” posts. I’ll see how I feel.

Mostly, I hope to get stuck into my two writing projects and go to as many yoga classes as I can.

In the last week, I’ve felt both excited and terrified. This is the first real holiday I’ve had in a long time, I’m going somewhere I’ve been dying to re-visit, and I’m doing it all on my own terms. I almost had trouble believing it was happening. Somehow, the timing and the money and everything else has worked out. It’s also very freeform – just me, doing my thing. Perhaps this is preparation, too, for when I eventually head off to India?

The very fact that this trip is happening is part of the new changes I mentioned the other day. It’s a little tricky to explain them, except to say there’s lots of shifting going on energetically. It feels amazing.

Anyway, you’ll hear from me when I get to Ubud.

Catch y’all on the flip side, my lovelies.

~Svasti xxx

P.S. Even if you don’t have a holiday planned for yourself right now, why don’t you find some other way to show yourself a little love?