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Clearly I didn’t get around to any “live from Ubud” posts, huh? Although I did insert a couple of Bali photos in my scheduled/written earlier posts. ­čśë

Bali was as always… Stunning. Contradictory. Sacred. Profane. Steamy. Charming. Cultural. Hindu.┬áRelaxing.

And so much more.

Luckily, I don’t have to be at work until mid-next week, so I’ve plenty of time to consolidate my time there with my day-to-day life. I’ll talk more about it all soon.

Birthday presents from me to you

For now, I’m just going to tell you who’s getting a birthday present from me for my birthday.

There were only nine commenters and there are three presents. So everyone was in with a good chance!

I didn’t make a video this time. I’m too relaxed to do that. Hehe. But I swear to you, winners and prizes were drawn with complete honesty and integrity.

So here’s the names…

The names in the hat…

And the three winners! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And oh, the presents? I also did a lucky dip for who gets what and this is how it played out…

Anna G-J gets the lovely Virtue Cards, from the Brahma Kumaris. Okay, not really Balinese, I know. But I love them so much I got myself a set, too.

J. Brown gets the rudraksha wrist mala! It’s more of a bracelet since it only has 18 beads (17 rudraksha and 1 stone) and the cord is re-sizable so it should fit most wrists.

Rachel gets the funky prayer flags (but not the other stuff in the pic, okay Rach?)

Congrats everyone, and I hope you enjoy. Happy birthday!!

I’ll get in touch via email to grab your postal addresses and send you your presents.

~Svasti xxx