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This time last year, I participated in the #Reverb10 writing challenge. But due to the rather hectic time I was having in November and December (not to mention going to Bali!), I realised I wouldn’t be able to join in again this time.

However, for the month of January 2012 I’ll be taking part in A River of Stones 2012Β (AROS).

Why? Because a few people I know have already committed, and because it’s exciting as a writer to be challenged by someone else’s ideas.

AROS asks writers to partake in mindful writing – observation of the world around us, and write a few lines about that observation each day.

The first challenge for me might very well be about keeping each observation small, since I tend towards longer prose (read: it can be hard to shut me up!). But I’m excited to be doing this.

It is suggested that writers keep a notebook for their observations, and I realised I already have one.

I’d never been able to think of the perfect purpose forΒ Karin’s amazing notebook, but I do believe this is it!

Utterly perfect, no?

So the plan is to write up my small stones in my lovely notebook, and then once a week I’ll post them here.

Perhaps you’d like to join this writing challenge, too?

Anyone can, so feel free to jump in, feet first. πŸ™‚