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Gimme some sugar, sugar

What with everything else going on around here, I’ve let my I Quit Sugar updates slide.


The eight week program is now officially over. It’s been a mixed bag, but overall I’m really happy with my progress, and I’m gonna keep right on going!

I totally own up to cheating/caving a handful of times in these final weeks. Mindfully so, however. And mostly in Bali, because it’s very difficult to turn down all of that amazing fresh fruit.

While I don’t weigh myself, my clothes ARE gradually getting looser. I once again fit into a work dress that I hadn’t been able to zip up for most of last year. My jeans are threatening to fall down. It isn’t a dramatic change, but I’m digging it.

The best thing however is that I don’t have daily sugar cravings anymore. When the cravings do come, I can usually recognise them as one of two things: boredom or stress. To distract myself from either, I used to eat chocolate mostly.

Sugar cravings used to feel like a slippery slope. As soon as they arrived, it used to mean that I’d inevitably cave in. Maybe not immediately but it was definitely a sure thing.

Now the initial impulse arises and there’s no compulsion to back it up. It’s like: YEAH I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE…. wait a second… Nope. I really don’t.

Well how ‘bout that.

Week 6 (ending 18th December)

The lead up to my trip to Bali, and my first couple of days there. I took sugar-free snacks on the plane – macadamias, almonds, pepitas and cheese. At first, I was really good and avoided the fruit, the juices and everything. I felt very virtuous!

Week 7 (ending 25th December)

Then my birthday came around (while in Bali) and I was a bit cest la vie, and had the most wonderful grilled banana and ice-cream for desert. Heaven.

I started eating a bit of fruit here and there, but not gorging on it.

Also, I indulged in the organic raw chocolate cake at Kafe.

However, I never felt like I was over-doing it and I didn’t feel like I HAD to have more. For years, that’s how it was.

Once I came back to Melbourne, there was Christmas. But I’d already asked my family not to give me chocolate as a present. However, I did have a small slice of gluten free plum pudding. I know. *sigh*

Week 8 (ending 1st January)

New Year’s Eve meant I drank a little wine, which I seriously regret. Ugh, dehydration!

But that was about it. No sugar binges. Hooray!

It seems I’m now in control of my sugar addiction instead of it controlling me. I can take it or leave it and most of the time, I leave it. Sugar doesn’t interest me anywhere near as much as it used to, now that I’m not a sugar slave.

And beyond…

My approach now is pretty much as it’s been through the eight weeks of my sugar detox.

I actively avoid added sugar, confectionary and I’m keeping my fruit consumption really low. For most of last year, I didn’t really drink (alcohol is often high in sugar) since it’s bad for my autoimmune condition, and I honestly don’t miss it too much. If I want some, I have it. Otherwise I don’t.

So it’s all very conditional. I refuse to be completely stringent about it all, but on the other hand I no longer NEED sugar every day or even every week.

Sarah’s ebook was helpful because it was like having a friend along for the ride to hold your hand. Someone who’s been there, done that.

If you’re thinking about trying to quit sugar for the new year, Sarah is also running an I Quit Sugar support group right now, with weekly posts to help you through the process.

I highly recommend giving up the sweet stuff if the idea appeals.

Even if you don’t stick with it, I promise you’ll learn things about yourself by changing your diet for a while.

And you might even find that you like sugar-free and/or really-really-low-levels-of-sugar living.

Whatever you do with your health and diet, take care of yourself.