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Week two of my daily Small Stones.

I didn’t realise how much this little project would feel like a meditation. Just a handful of minutes of my day observing and then later, writing down my thoughts. Nor did I realise it would quietly draw me out from the fuzzy little cocoon I still live in sometimes.

These words might seem like tiny things, but each observation represents a magical moment in time that I could’ve missed, had I not been paying attention.

The world, in all of it’s mysteries is a fascinating place if only we let it in…

Monday 9th:

Just when I my world feels as if it’s entirely a mess / I plan for the yoga class I’ll teach tomorrow night / Thinking of my students’ needs / Generates clarity and calm.


Tuesday 10th:

Concrete rectangle, will you one day be a home? How strange if so…


Wednesday 11th:

The wind gives expression to the desires of trees / Their branches dance a symphony of conversation.


Thursday 12th:

Tiny dirty paw prints meander across the kitchen counter / Announcing that I’ve absent-mindedly / Left the cat food out overnight.


Friday 13th:

Grey men in grey suits on trams / Talking about their divorces and insomnia / And corporate box seats to the tennis.


Saturday 14th:

Five jade coloured bathroom Buddhas smile wisely / As I go about my business / Neither seeing nor saying / They wait and watch eternally.


Sunday 15th:

She speaks apologies from her hunch-shouldered posture / Steady brown eyes full of purpose as she looks up / And haltingly asks for a few coins / I hand her my change and she takes my hand / God bless you she says / As she totters away.


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~ Svasti