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With a little over one week left of this January writing challenge, I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride.

My final Small Stones post will cover the last nine days of the month. I hope you enjoy these microscopic peeks into my world!

Week three of my daily Small Stones.

Monday 16th:

Nature’s evaporator = a heavy sun factor reflected on concrete / Burning oil from the eucalyptus trees perfumes the city / Close your eyes and be transported.


Tuesday 17th:

Not the usual suburban kerb-side garden / Stones and succulents / Settle at the feet of a teenage tree.


Wednesday 18th:

Wide open greens / Nine holes / Anonymous somebodies with time on their hands / Hitting tiny balls into tiny holes / Is this space’s raison d’être.


Thursday 19th:

Relief is apparent on bodies and faces / As our train emerges from underground / Phone reception returns / Every second person is heads down / Thumbs are suddenly busy.


Friday 20th:

Ordinary beauty: a profusion of purple and white /
Divide two sides of the road.


Saturday 21st:

Sailing seas of fluffy whiteness / Seen from above, not below / Beneath the wings, above the weather / Northward, we zoom above the world.


Sunday 22nd:

Five old friends / Two squishy new people, born weeks apart / Lunch overlooking nature’s array of bushland beauty / Mutual love and enjoyment all-round.


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~ Svasti