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These photos are from mid-March – I just never quite got around to publishing this post… they depict a fabulous and jam-packed weekend, where so many of the rest are characterised by my loner tendencies (which really has to change, I know).

For once, I was surrounded by people who love me for most of the weekend instead of being mostly alone and it was SUCH a happy time!

~ ~

On the Friday night I met up with one of my bestest friends and her hubby. We went to a lovely art deco cinema – The Astor – which is actually not far from where I live, and saw Lars Von Trier’s latest film, Melancholia, which doesn’t have anywhere near enough Alexander Skarsgard in it.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty out-there film. Some reviewers are calling the entire movie “a metaphor for depression”, but I think that over-simplifies a much bigger story that Von Trier paints about life, death and how everyone reacts under both “normal” life circumstances, and again under pressure.

It’s beautiful and wild and poetic and thought provoking. I recommend seeing it, although probably take a friend you can talk it over with afterwards. And get a hug from!

~ ~

On the Saturday evening an old friend of mine visited from Sydney, bringing with him his Very Fast Motorbike (on a trailer behind his 4×4). He stayed at my place off and on for a couple of weeks while doing a bit of motorbike touring with a friend of his, seeing other friends and going to the F1 (boys and cars – bah!).

He always knows I’m up for a ride, since motorbikes make the list of my favourite things. My friend and I used to ride together a lot with me as his passenger, when I lived in Sydney.

So early the next morning – a lazy Sunday when the weather hadn’t turned too cold just yet, we suited up for a day of long smooth curves and beautiful views.

Mostly I like not having a car. It’s better for the environment and also for my expenses! But it does mean I don’t get out of town anywhere near enough.

And that’s something I really need. Especially getting away to the ocean.

I requested that we explore down the Great Ocean Road and he happily agreed…

~ ~

I remember once describing to a friend the ideal place for me to live: somewhere where the mountains meet the ocean, so that I’ve got both. Kinda like what’s going on in this photo of Apollo Bay! This was our turn around point, after seemingly endless rugged clifftops meeting the southern-most oceans of mainland Australia, with smooth curves for the bike to hug and stunning vistas that placated my heart!

More of this. Yes, more of this please! I really need to buddy up with some other folks on a regular basis and get some road trips happening.

There is so much happiness thrumming in my body when I’m immersed in such beautiful surrounds.

~ ~

Speaking of the hills meeting the ocean – we veered off the main road and explored northwards for a while. To get away from the Sunday drivers and find less occupied corners to take. 🙂

The ocean views gave way to rolling hills and lots and lots of un-inhabited SPACE. *sigh*

So good.

~ ~

Of course, on such a Very Fast Bike, one has to be ready to hold on. When the bike takes off, your belly can be five feet behind on the road if you’re not paying attention.

But oh… when you are. And when you’re focused on the horizon as the bike sails from side to side as it takes one corner after another, it’s so very meditative. Very in the moment of right now, where there is no other and everything is very clear and still.

They don’t talk about the Zen of motorcycling for nothing, you know.

The following day was a public holiday, and it was a day for resting.

Long, lazy hours of pottering around, snoozing on the sofa and being okay with all of that.

Perfection, yes?

~ Svasti