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Not exactly an organised and well put-together post, but this is what’s on my mind today…

  • Lately I’ve found myself repeating similar words to a number of female friends in relation to the opposite sex:
    Sometimes, it seems that men are both attracted to and repelled by powerful women. Often, the attraction and repulsion reside in the same man, at the same time.
    Powerful women tend to increase their personal power over time. This can be even more disorienting and repulsive to the exact same man who once found you attractive for the very qualities they now cringe against.
  • What you need is sometimes within your grasp and you don’t even know it.
    We make a lot of assumptions in our day to day life: who will help us; what resources we/our friends have; who we can rely on.
    But we don’t know, we really don’t. Which is why you need to ask. And not just via a Facebook blast. Really think about who might be able to help you with whatever it is that you need – directly or indirectly (your friend might know someone who can help you) – and ask them. Via phone, email, text, in person.
    Just ask. You never know who will in a position to help you unless you do.
  • We really never know what it is that other people are thinking or feeling.
    Any assumptions or stories we play out in our minds about what so-and-so’s behaviour means? Is just our own melodrama.
    If you have honest friends, you’re lucky.
    If you have honest friends who are good at checking in with themselves and expressing what’s really going on, you’re super-lucky.
    But still, we all conceal things. Out of fear.
  • Getting real with ourselves is a life-long, ongoing thing.
    It’s easy to veer off-course, any time. It’s easy to pretend and gloss over what’s really going on. Keeping it real is a real thing. We need friends and loved ones around us to assist in the process of reflection. But meditation is key in getting to the bottom of all of our schizz.
  • Avoidy-ness. We all do it.
    It’s worse for us highly sensitive folks. For people who’ve been through the wringer.
    But avoiding stuff doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it causes stress and takes us out of our power.
    These days I’ve got a rule: short term avoidy-ness is allowed. Maybe a week or two. But whatever has to be done still gets added to a “To Do” list and the due date gets listed for after the avoidy grace period.
  • Change is coming. Always.
    Yoga is meant to help us cope with change, stress, unusual situations etc… so don’t let your practice just be about how bendy your body is. A flexible mind is much more important!
    Right now, I can see the waves of change lapping furiously at my feet. While off-shore, the much more powerful tsunami-like waves are heading my way.
    I could be terrified of this. In fact, I have been terrified. But I did the work to adjust to the Way Things Are Going To Be, and took some Surfing the Change lessons.
    So come on, change! Hit me up! I’m ready to ride. 😀

~ Svasti