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A sadhu in Varanasi

It was kinda buried in my previous post BUT two things…

  1. I’m currently in INDIA! Remember when I said I wanted to go to India?!
    Well, it hasn’t happened *quite* like I was thinking it might. But I’m currently on week 4 and I’ve another month to go after that. Linda and I finally got to meet – of course we love each other, as expected after 3-4 years of online friendship. 😀
  2. I’m writing about my travels in India, just not on THIS blog.
    So if you’d like the download on my adventures, leave a comment below and I’ll ping you. 

Hope life is treating you all well. India has so far… been utterly transforming.

I know that sounds like a cliche but its true on some incredibly profound levels.

Much love from me.