Advertising/offers of work


Lately I’m getting a LOT of emails asking if I accept paid guest posts, or if I’d be willing to create links in certain posts to external sites for money.

The answer is NO. N-O.

Svasti is a personal and private space. I don’t try to attract a huge audience – I write for me and for those people who resonate with what I have to say.

Blog links

Pretty much if I like your blog/website, I’ll link to it. If I consistently like what you’re doing, I’ll put a link to your site in the right hand column of mine. Otherwise I won’t. No contra deals. I only link to things I genuinely like and endorse.

Promotion/advertising of stuff

There are people and services I believe in, because I’ve experienced them for myself. These people/services/products etc, are things I’m happy to promote in my own little way. BUT anything I haven’t experienced first-hand doesn’t make the cut.

As mentioned above, this is a small blog with a small audience. It’s not a shop front. So please don’t get in touch to ask me to promote a book I haven’t read, especially if you haven’t even offered me a copy to read for myself!

Freelance writing

If you’d like to pay me to write an article(s) for you then I’m interested.

I’m a writer, after all, and I’m more than happy to work with a range of topics, as long as it’s something that interests me. I have a lot of interests.

I am experienced in writing advertising copy, long or short-form articles, poetry, reports and reviews.

Contact me

If you’d like to hire me then get in touch: svasti108 (a t) gmail (d o t) com

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